The Best Picnic Spots In Malibu With 7 Wonderful Places

Malibu isn’t just about beautiful beaches. The Santa Monica Mountains, which form part of the city’s eastern boundary, offers tourists hiking in the canyon and exploring the nature reserve. In addition, there are several areas created specifically for picnics and recreation along the beach.

By the way, what do you know about picnics that makes them so enjoyable? Whatever it may be, the city is blessed with a wealth of unique picnic spots. In this article, we will suggest you the best picnic spots in Malibu.

The Best Picnic Spots In Malibu

Best Picnic Spots In Malibu

Nicolas Pond,  Malibu Springs Trail

If you park at the trailhead and use the shortcut, this is one of the best picnic spots in Malibu. A short, simple 10-minute walk will bring you to a pond lined with cattails; Just remember to go left at all junctions. It can be completely empty if it doesn’t rain a lot. If you want to have a picnic by the pond, you definitely have to bring a blanket because there is nothing but dirt there.

You can place the oak-framed bench on the wooden deck for yourself or for a pair. The theme tune of your picnic will likely be “I Think We’re Alone Now”, indicating that you will be alone. From the Leo Carrillo State Park parking lot off PCH, it’s about 4 kilometers to Lake Nicolas, where you can get foie gras and Camembert rolling around in your backpack.

Before you travel, note that the Nicholas Flat Path leads to the trailhead from Decker School Road. Drive east on Decker Road from PCH. Turn slightly left onto Decker School Road after going 2.4 miles. The route will take you around several bends until the end. There is parking on the street. No fees.

Sequit Point, Leo Carrillo State Park State Beach

Sequit Point, Leo Carrillo State Park State Beach

Another place of the best picnic spots in Malibu. While it’s a much-loved beach hangout, you can avoid the crowds by walking south until you can’t go any further. There is a small triangular entrance at the base of the sandstone rock blocking the passage. Pass by hands and knees by wriggling (about a few seconds). It’s worth the game, we promise. A striking alcove with high ceilings is revealed as you enter. Your lunch should be scheduled for low tide; otherwise, it would be more like a scene from Titanic than Thomas Cole’s The Picnic.

Preparation is key. Parking costs $12 for all-day use in large areas or free on PCH; hours are 8 am to 10 pm.

Malibu Creek State Park

This is one of the best picnic spots in Malibu. This state park offers lots of activities other than skating, such as numerous hiking trails, some through the filming area of ​​the TV series M*A*S*H, mountain biking, climbing, horseback riding, and even kayaking in a small lake. There are also many open areas where you can relax while admiring the spectacular beech forests and rocky mountain valleys.

It feels like Los Angeles is far more than 25 minutes away. Here, overnight camping is also allowed but must be booked in advance. Not sure how to navigate the park alone? Sign up for a hike led by a park scholar who will discuss the local wildlife and vegetation and its filmmaking heritage.

Las Flores Creek Park

A few kilometers from the famous Duke’s Restaurant on the Pacific Coast Highway with ocean views is Las Flores Creek Park. Simple amenities like a modern children’s playground, picnic tables, restrooms, and easy walkways make up the options. Because the park is so informative about its fauna and history, it’s a great place to learn about Malibu’s native flora and is also one of the best picnic spots in Malibu. Once you’re done exploring, you can head to Duke’s for lunch or dinner.

Malibu Bluffs Park

Malibu Bluffs Park

The ideal family entertainment spot is Malibu Bluffs Park, located across from Pepperdine University and just north of Malibu Pier. Two baseball diamonds, a soccer field that doubles as a grassy picnic area, play area, skate park, picnic tables, restrooms, and a jogging track that loops around the slopes overlooking Thailand Binh Duong are all included in the 6-acre park. Regular community gatherings and classes are held at the Michael Landon Community Center, which bears the name of the actor Little House on the Prairie.

Since the park serves as the home ground for neighborhood recreation, on weekends the park gets very busy and the parking lot quickly fills up. You’ll find it a fun spot to enjoy ocean views if you can schedule a mid-morning visit during the week. This is another place of the best picnic spots in Malibu.

Trancas Canyon Park

One of the best parks for families is Trancas Canyon Park in northern Malibu, a few miles inland from Zuma Beach, which is also one of the best picnic spots in Malibu. Along with the gated dog park, there is also a large playground area with panoramic sea and mountain views. The large grassy fields in the park are ideal for a picnic, but if you need some shade, there are covered tables. There are drinking fountains, restrooms, and lots of parking. Trancas Market is nearby, where you can buy pizza, pressed paninis, salads, and other picnic essentials.

Malibu Country Mart 

This is another place of the best picnic spots in Malibu. Malibu Country Mart is a chic shopping mall with modern eateries and shops frequented by celebrities (and paparazzi). However, there are two playgrounds for families with children to visit between shopping and dining. The original playground was located in the middle of the market, near John’s Garden Café and behind Toy Crazy.

Be prepared to go barefoot and clean up afterward as the swing set and other structures are built in the sand. A second playground, featuring contemporary interactive play features in addition to the usual slides and climbing frames, was recently built near the brand-new Whole Foods Market. It’s simple to get from Country Mart to the pier during your visit because of how close they are to each other.

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