The Tastiest And Cheapest Finger Food Ideas For Party

Parties are more enjoyable with great and delicious finger food. However, what if you are on a tight budget? You can browse through finger food ideas for Party and try to calculate the cost of each recipe. Alternatively, you can assign tasks to us.

That is exactly what we did. We picked a few of our favorite recipes and determined how much each would cost per serving, making sure each dish would be around $1.

Review Life has added a few cents to the total for ingredients such as salt or dried herbs and spices, but we estimate exact prices depending on the cost of key ingredients, such as meat, and cheese. , milk, flour, vegetables, etc. Costs may vary slightly depending on where you live, but we believe this method will give you our best estimate.

The Best Finger Food Ideas For Party 

finger food ideas for party

Deviled Eggs with Bacon

A classic finger food ideas for party is Deviled Eggs. They can be prepared a day in advance, covered, and refrigerated. The recipe calls for six eggs, but since one dish costs about 52 cents, you could also use a full dozen.

Stuffed Mushrooms With Spinach and Ham

These stuffed mushrooms include chopped baby spinach, fresh bread crumbs, minced ham, and seasoning inside. Chopped mozzarella cheese on top. They cost about 43 cents per serving.

Bisquick Sausage Balls

An easy, filling snack made with Bisquick sausage balls and cream cheese. It’s the best finger food for a party that doesn’t require a plate. They take less than five minutes to prepare, and 20 minutes to bake in the oven. Every serving of these costs roughly $1.

Ham and Cheese Pinwheels

With these finger food ideas for party you only need eight ingredients needed to make a cold cheese and ham sandwich, one of which is pre-made pizza dough! They’re quick and simple to make, they’re a hit with everyone, and at 71 cents per serving, they’re pocket-friendly too.

Air Fryer Mac and Cheese Balls

Air Fryer Mac and Cheese Balls

If you use boxed mac and cheese, these air-fryer mac and cheese balls make a delicious and affordable party appetizer. The “thick ‘n creamy” version is what we advise because it will stick together better both while you are shaping the balls and when you are air frying them. The price per serving is roughly $1.

Crock Pot Party Meatballs With Tangy Sauce

These meatballs, which have a sweet-and-sour barbecue sauce flavor, are ideal for celebrations, holidays, potlucks, and game days. The meatballs are finished cooking in a slow cooker for three to four hours after 30 minutes of baking at 350°F. The cost per serving for this recipe, which yields 48 meatballs for 12 meals, is about 77 cents.

Classic Cheese Straws

In the South, cheese straws are one of the popular finger food ideas for party and the way to create them is surprisingly simple. The dough is combined, rolled flat, cut into ribbons, twisted, and baked. For the best flavor, use crisp cheddar, and don’t skip the cayenne pepper! At 80 cents per serving, this recipe yields about 48 straws or 12 servings.

Nutella Pastry Puffs

With store-bought puff pastry, this warm, Nutella-oozing pastry puff can be made quickly and easily and is ready in approximately 35 minutes. Although this dish is excellent as is, you might want to try giving the filling a flavor boost by adding some orange zest. Each serving of these finger food ideas for party costs about $1.

Baked Cheesy Spinach Balls

Baked Cheesy Spinach Balls

These spinach balls take just 35 minutes to prepare, are really tasty, and are simple to create. They make a delicious meatless party snack because they are made with pungent Parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs, and eggs. At a cost of about $1 per serving, this recipe yields 48 balls or 12 servings.

Quick and Easy Popcorn Balls

These delicious finger food ideas for party are simple to make and taste sweet, crunchy, and slightly sticky. They will also easily fit into your pocket as popcorn is very cheap. This recipe makes 12 popcorn balls, each costing $2.20.

Olive Cheese Balls With Cheese Spread

These tiny cheese balls have an unexpected olive core. Pimento-stuffed olives are wrapped in cheese dough, which is then chilled before being baked to perfection. At 68 cents each, the recipe yields 48 balls or 12 servings.

Savory Cucumber Sandwiches

Sandwiches with cucumbers are traditional finger food. This straightforward spread can easily be spiced up with Italian salad dressing. It can also be used as a sandwich filling or as a dip with crackers and vegetables.

Caprese Salad Kabobs

Replace your standard veggie tray with these tasty kabobs. I frequently make these for my family’s snacks in addition to making them for gatherings. And because assembly is so simple, children frequently beg to assist.

Savory Stuffed Cherry Peppers

Large antipasto platters are served at our family’s holiday feasts, and my mother’s anchovy-stuffed peppers are always the highlight. Every festival that falls on the calendar is observed in her honor. Serve these small dishes chilled with a glass of wine and a beautiful loaf of Italian bread.


Above are finger food ideas for party that can make your party more wonderful and interesting. Add them to your party menu and enjoy them with lovely guests.

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