The Romantic And Cheap Picnic Ideas For Couples

With warm weather and fresh air, there’s nothing better than a picnic with your partner. It doesn’t have to be a big or lavish picnic as long as there’s good food and great memories being made! If you are worried about the budget check out our article, we will recommend cheap picnic ideas for couples.

Picnic Places for Cheap Picnic Ideas For Couples

Cheap Picnic Ideas For Couples

You can have the best picnic of all time just by walking into your front or back yard. No one in history has ever claimed that the only way to enjoy a picnic is to pack up and go somewhere else. Here are some of our favorite picnic spots if you want to venture outside of your usual surroundings.

  • Park
  • Along a trail to walk
  • Lake
  • Water park
  • campsite
  • scenic area
  • Beach
  • National Park
  • apartment terrace
  • Outside the zoo

Eating out at the zoo, fair or any other place for a fee can be very expensive! and this goes against our cheap picnic ideas for couples. Pack your picnic, take it with you, and leave it in the car until you’re ready to eat if they let you out for lunch and come back when you’re done. The amount of money you will save is substantial. If you plan to go out a lot, don’t forget to bring sunscreen!

Delicious Food For Cheap Picnic Ideas For Couples

Cheap Picnic Ideas For Couples

Whether you’re cooking or eating together, food is one of the best ways to create memories. It need not be lavish by any means; If that works best for you and is in your price range, you can simply buy your favorite takeout and turn it into a picnic. Here are some of our favorite cheap and easy picnic meal options to have a good time with the one you love!

Main Dishes

  • Charcuterie Board: These are tasty and quite simple to put together. Gather your favorite foods, such as cured meats, cheese, olives, pickles, crackers, dried fruit, nuts, vegetables, and grapes, and put them all in a shallow plastic tray. To hold anything moist, such as the olives or pickles, use little plastic dishes or silicone cupcake liners.
  • Fruit and PB&J Kabobs: For this, grab some skewers! Make sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly. Then, chop them into bite-sized pieces (for which the bite-sized food cutter sets are ideal!). Put fruit and sandwich bites alternately on the skewers for easy transport, and then place the skewers in a big food storage container.
  • Lunch Kabobs with Meat, Cheese, and Veggies: Here’s a novel way to prepare kabobs for your picnic—they’re so much fun! Slice and roll up a variety of lunch meats into bite-sized pieces. Change up the vegetables, cheese cubes, and meat!
  • Sandwiches: Take your favorite sandwiches inside and set up a picnic outside. Your PB&J and ham and cheese sandwiches from the freezer are the ideal candidates for this.
  • Noodle Salad: This is simple to prepare the night before, and you can add any leftover meats, cheeses, or vegetables that you need to use up.
  • Mason Jar Salads: A salad is such a healthy but delectable lunch! You only need to worry about mixing it up during your picnic if you make one in a mason jar.

Picnic Desserts 

  • Desserts in Mason Jars: You can pre-make a ton of various sweets in mason jars for simple transport! Personal no-bake cheesecakes, fruit-topped angel food cake, banana pudding, chocolate cream pie, and a plethora of other desserts are available.
  • Desserts in a Jar:  You can definitely make cupcakes in a jar! They are now much easier to transport, and eating anything out of a jar is more entertaining.
  • S’mores with Nutella: No flames? No issue! Put two graham crackers together, top them with Nutella, and sandwich two small marshmallows in the middle.
  • Cookies: Your favorite cookies should be packed and brought along.
  • Pie: Pies are an absolute must-have for picnics. They are usually tasty and nice!
  • Crispy Rice Treats: Here is a delicious picnic dessert that the entire family will enjoy. You don’t have to worry about them melting or getting smooshed, and they are simple to manufacture.
  • Citrus Bars: What could be a lemon bar that is more reviving? They make the ideal conclusion to your picnic!


Cocktail enthusiasts may want to opt for a boxed cocktail, but with prices hovering around $5 a can, this ready-to-drink selection can be a bit out of reach. For those on a diet or young adults, a can of carbonated water ($3 for a pack of 8 cans can be a simple non-alcoholic drink. Instead of ice, upgrade each drink by adding a pop of water to the mix. Add frozen mixed berries.

Romantic Cheap Picnic Ideas For Couples

Cheap Picnic Ideas For Couples

Here are some cheap picnic ideas for couples to help turn up the romance a notch or two! It doesn’t have to be pricey or extremely elaborate to be lovely, in case you couldn’t tell from all of our previous picnic ideas. The most important thing is that you and your beau enjoy your date night.

  • Flowers: sneeze, husbands purchase some flowers for your spouse from Walmart, cough Choose some inexpensive flowers from the shop, gather some in your garden, or gather some wildflowers. To keep them alive and fresh throughout your romantic picnic, bring a plastic vase and some water.
  • Candles: There aren’t better cheap picnic ideas for couples to create a romantic atmosphere. Take some flameless candles instead if using an open flame is prohibited where you’re picnicking or if you don’t want to take the possibility of accidentally knocking it over.
  • Sparkling beverage: There’s something about sparkling grape juice or water that just amps up the romance!
  • Serving ware made of “fancy” plastic: One of our favorite locations to shop for all the adorable and upscale items to make your romantic picnic more special is the dollar store. We’re talking about beautiful plastic plates, silver serving trays, and plastic glasses, among other things.
  • Fuzzy pillows and blankets: If you intend to remain until dusk to stargaze, bring your favorite blankets (use code PAGE45 for 45% off) and pillows to lay on top of the picnic blanket.

Make a playlist of your favorite sexy tunes on your phone. To increase the sound, use a small speaker or place your phone in a glass. Although slow dancing isn’t necessary, it’s usually a plus!


Above are the best cheap picnic ideas for couples that we have researched to help you create a beautiful memory for your love. Let’s enjoy a wonderful and romantic weekend together.

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