The 10 Great DIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays For Your Best Friend

Your best friend’s birthday is coming and you still haven’t found a meaningful DIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays to express your love on this special occasion? No need to worry because you can completely refer to the ways to make DIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays for your best friends in the following article to create a cute surprise. Sometimes handmade gifts are the most sincere way to express your love!

The 10 Great DIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays For Your Best Friend

1. Commemorative picture frame

Their friendship has spent many years together with countless memories. Surely you and your best friend have a lot of pictures of going out and traveling together. So why not try making a picture frame with pictures of the two of them taken together? How to make this DIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays for your best friend is extremely simple, you just need to prepare a picture frame according to your preferences and print a lot of photos to arrange in it. Surely the recipient will be extremely surprised by the memories that are recalled after these photos!

2. DIY colorful candy jars

DIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays

If your best friend is a mental worker and often feels stressed, why not give her a colorful chocolate candy jar with cute messages? This way of making a DIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays for your best friend does not take time and requires you to be skillful. It’s as simple as that, but showing your thoughtful concern for the other person’s feelings, what’s better than that, right?

3. Make your own A4 notebook with a cute message for your best friend

Before cell phones became as inseparable as they are now, was your most frequent communication by writing in a small notebook together? If so, try giving her a birthday present that brings back a similar childhood memory. Cut an A4 paper in half, make a notebook, decorate it beautifully and write words of appreciation for that friend. If you receive this gift, it will make the recipient extremely touched!

4. Handmade gift is bath soap

DIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays

Making bath soap is not as difficult as you think. So, why not try your hand at hand to give your best friend a small surprise on his birthday? This is a very simple way to make a DIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays for your best friend. You just need to prepare soap bars, your favorite essential oils, and add a few more dried flowers. What could be more wonderful than relaxing every day in your favorite scent made by your best friend?

5. Make a gift box for a friend who loves coffee

If your best friend is a coffee lover, why not make a small surprise with a gift box of all things coffee related? It can be a favorite coffee, a cute little coffee cup with a spoon and sincere messages. How to make a DIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays for a best friend like this is worth a try!

6. Bookmarkers made of cardboard

DIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays

A wide variety of bookmarks are frequently accumulated by book lovers. In addition to serving as a page marker, bookmarks serve to safeguard books while being read. Giving them something like this for their birthday demonstrates how much you value their interests. It may not be much, but it means a lot!How to make a DIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays for a best friend is a very simple bookmark. All you need is a thin piece of cardboard, decorated with wool or ribbon. It all depends on your creativity.

7. Make handmade accessories for best friends

If you are skillful, you can completely make a necklace or bracelet based on available materials. Just search for ideas and materials from online shops, you will have a unique gift, one-of-a-kind birthday gift. This method is quite simple, almost anyone can do it without being too skillful.

8. Lip scrubs – Gifts that girls love

DIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays

An exfoliating bottle is a cosmetic that almost everyone needs to have soft, smooth lips. You just need to prepare granulated white sugar, coconut oil, vanilla essential oil, shea butter and a little colorant. Then proceed to the water bath of the shea butter and then mix all the above ingredients together. Finally, put it in a beautiful bottle to give to your best friend.

9. Handwritten letters for special occasions

DIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays

As life gets busier and busier, you can’t be with your best friend all the time. Therefore, why not try writing special letters for different occasions. For example, a word to share when she is having a sad story, or when she feels depressed, can’t sleep… Such a series of letters full of sincere concern will be a warm support even when you are not. are on the side.

10. Wish bottle

On any occasion you need to send a loving message to your best friend, lover or anyone to express your feelings. You should not have a headache to buy something for your boyfriend because you can make things that are many times more meaningful than the gifts out there. A small bottle with some special message for a lovely best friend or a few secrets you want to tell is also a meaningful DIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays. A little sweet, a little romantic like that, who can’t be touched.


The ways to makeDIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays for best friends are really simple, right? With just a little attention, you’ve got a meaningful, different gift to express your appreciation for the friendship of both of you. Let’s make her birthday this year special with such beautiful handmade gifts!

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