How To Make The Viral Picture Tree Of Life Breastfeeding For Mom And Baby

You have certainly seen the amazing tree of life breastfeeding images circulating around if you are a breastfeeding mother, which I assume you are if you are reading this post.

Can someone make me one of that great tree of life breastfeeding pictures? I don’t know how often I get that request. I simply wanted to scream hysterically… Guys, you can do it yourself; It’s much simpler than you think.

So Review Life Website decided to show you how to collaborate to make this photo simple but still make many people admire it. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to create those amazing Tree Of Life Breastfeeding images.

What Is Tree of Life Breastfeeding?

tree of life breastfeeding
Tree of life breastfeeding

Tree of life breastfeeding is a picture of breastfeeding that is a powerful and moving representation of the strong breastfeeding bond between mother and baby. Since the mother is the source of life and nourishment for the child, the mother forms a bond with the child at the breast.

This description clearly causes problems for some mothers because not all babies are breastfed directly from the breast. Don’t feel left out, mom, if this is your story!

How To Make The Viral Picture Tree Of Life Breastfeeding

Make The Picture With Canva

Make The Viral Picture Tree Of Life Breastfeeding
Tree Of Life Breastfeeding

If you would prefer to work from a computer, you may go visit and utilize the free desktop version.

Step 1: Once Canva is launched, you can add a new design by clicking the plus button. You will then be invited to choose the size and format you want your design to take from a menu that will appear. There are several preset sizes available for you to choose from.

Step 2: You may add your own breastfeeding photo to Canva by using the options at the bottom of the screen. Select a photo from your photo collection or snap one right now.

Step 3: Select “Effects” from the bottom menu after making sure your photo is the correct size for the format you picked at the beginning. Locate the “Paint Effects” tab inside those effects, then experiment with each one until you find one you like, then apply it to your shot.

Step 5:After choosing your tree of life image, you should position it on your nursing photo as shown below. Just keep in mind to put the tree’s leaves on the mother and the roots on the child. Until you are satisfied with the positioning, you can resize and rotate as necessary.

Step 6: Your tree of life breastfeeding can now have a filter added as a last, optional step. To accomplish this, return to the “Effects” menu and select a desirable option. The image below shows how I altered my tree of life to make it appear a bit more fluorescent turquoise.

Make The Picture With Pisart

tree of life breastfeeding
Tree of life breastfeeding

With the help of the photo-editing program PicsArt, you can quickly turn the image into a canvas painting fit for a gallery by inserting a Tree of Life between your breast and your child.

Step 1: Take a breastfeeding photo

This is a step you must take. If you already have a favorite photo, great! Otherwise, you should be careful to choose a decent one.

Photos that show part of your breasts, a nice picture of your newborn, and the actual affection between you and your baby work best for the Tree of Life effect.

Step 2: Download the PicsArt app

You can get those really nice tree/root looks and filters from PicsArt, in case you’re wondering where all these parents are getting them from. This program makes it extremely simple to turn your photo into a beautiful work of art.

You can download the app from HERE if you haven’t already.

Step 3: Upload your favorite breastfeeding pic

You will click the large + sign in the lower middle of your screen after the app has opened. You may then look through every photo on your phone from that point on.

Next, choose your top choice.

Step 4: Choose Sticker

Trên màn hình điện thoại của bạn, hãy nhấn vào biểu tượng Hình dán ở phía dưới cùng. Nếu bạn không nhận thấy nó ngay lập tức, bạn có thể cần phải cuộn để khám phá nó.

Step 5:  Search Tree of Life

Search for “Tree of Life” there. One feature I adore about this app is how many options there are to select from. They have a couple of incredibly adorable twisty/curly trees, as well as trees with heart shapes and rainbow colors.

The sticker will appear on your picture once you’ve selected your tree. You may resize, rotate, and move it as you like. The idea is to place the tree’s trunk and roots over your baby’s latch and your breast, with the tree’s branches over his or her head.

Click Apply in the upper right corner after that.

Step 6: Choose Effects

At the bottom of the screen, select Effects. There are actually hundreds of different options for mixing and matching, making this the fun part.

The Magic effect is used in some of the most famous Tree Of Life breastfeeding images. And Midnight is one of my favorite effects from there. It’s amazing!

However, feel free to play around and experiment with a few different effects to determine which one you like better.

You should click the Apply and Next buttons in the upper right corner once you have discovered your ideal match. You can then select Save and save to your phone from there.

That’s it! You succeeded. You now have an adorable breastfeeding Tree of Life snapshot to cherish forever and serve as a permanent reminder of your breastfeeding experience.


A few years ago, this nursing selfie (belfie) of a tree of life breastfeeding became viral on social media. The life-giving link that nursing enables mothers and their newborns to form is beautifully captured in this photograph.

You should now have a solid grasp of how to create your own nursing tree of life images. Check out this tree of life nursing sticker I discovered from a creative shop owner on Etsy if you can’t get enough of this picture.

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