Top 2 Best Task Management Software You Should Know

Work organization in the “new normal” presents its own set of challenges, requiring us to acquire new skills as well as adjust our tools. In short, we must become extremely adaptable when it comes to handling tasks, colleagues, & work in general.

To avoid drowning in a sea of choices, we went through a list of critical features that the greatest task management software seemed to have, as well as systematic reviews, so you can make the right choice the first time. But first, let’s go over a checklist of essential features for your new best task management software.

The 10 Task Management Software Features

  • Great Structure—Can the structure manage projects with a small number of tasks, sub-tasks, but also team members?
  • Complete Flexibility—Can you organize anything in the manner that works for you?
  • Task Customization—Can you customize tasks based on your system? Are there any templates available to lend a helping hand?
  • Task Prioritization—When it comes to managing projects, good prioritization is essential. Will the tool assist you in keeping your team’s focus on the track in the face of distractions?
  • Time Trying to track the tool assist you in meeting the deadline and progressing quickly?
  • Task Tracking—A good task tracker allows you to keep track of accountability, team members’ dedication, and task completion progress.

The 10 Task Management Software Features

  • Can you see your duties on a schedule or even on a Kanban board?
  • Visual Appeal—Does it provide an outstanding organizational experience through the use of visual aids?
  • Collaboration—Does it provide a selection of characteristics that enable the team to work together and communicate?
  • Excellent Customer Service—Does customer service listen to their customers and resolve issues quickly? Can they be easily reached? Do they provide tutorials?

Some of the evaluated tools check all the boxes, while others excel at specific tasks, but as you scroll down, you’ll discover which one is ideal for you.

Top 2 Task Management Software Options for 2022

Asana is a Task Management Software Designed for Larger Groups

Without a doubt, Asana is one of the most common task management tools available. If you’ve already started working in a huge group, you’ve probably come across this helpful task manager.

Asana has a simple and user-friendly functionality that makes it simple to use. This task management system has a connection to the internet feature that allows you to update your tasks while you’re offline, and it instantly syncs once you’re back online.

What Asana lacks in handling more complicated tasks (such as cost and schedule calculations) is compensated for by numerous third-party plug-ins to automation app stores like Zapier, timer tools such as Hubstaff, and others.

Asana- best task Management Software Designed

Asana is ideal for task managers who handle multiple projects. Each project could have a series of chores and task dependencies that are all linked to a 3rd timer app. However, Asana frequently necessitates integrations with the other apps, and when a client or more members of the team are included, commenting on various sources has become cluttered and causes blockage in the process. As with Infinity, Asana provides project templates tailored to your project’s industry.


The basic package from Asana is free for the first 10 members as well as contains a restricted set of features. Task Analytics, Private teams and projects,  Dashboard, and Gantt views are not available as free options. Their premium package begins at $10.99 per month per user (when paid annually).

Teamwork is a best task management solution with a user-friendly interface.

Teamwork is indeed a project management tool that is used by over 20,000 businesses and 6,000 government agencies to help them manage their tasks. It’s easy to use while also allowing you to handle complex complicated tasks with ease. It is not only powerful and has an easy-to-use interface, but it is also very flexible and personalizes your workflow.

One of the main advantages of Teamwork was that this was a good solution for a growing company, simply by entering the platform’s extra powerful features while still enjoying the rewards of its user-friendly interface. Because of its incredible time tracking as well as resource management features, it is also very efficient if you have a large number of team employees that work remotely.

Multiple projects can be easily managed, and developments can be monitored as Gantt, lists, or board views, allowing you to tailor the tool to your needs. It’s also a good choice for agencies because of the client permissions feature, which helps to manage client access to platform features like time tracking and invoicing.


Teamwork does have a tier system pricing system that ranges from free to Enterprise-level customized quotes.

  • Free: Such as individuals and small groups just starting with project management.
  • Pro: £10 per month per user (billed annually). Allows users to work on multiple projects at the same time.
  • Premium: £18 per month per user (billed annually). A fantastic option for larger groups.
  • Reach them for a personalized quote.

In conclusion

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of which tool is best for you as well as your business.

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