What are The Best Date Night Picnic Food Ideas?

Each picnic will bring its own wonderful things, you can have moments of chatting and having fun with your family, taking pictures with friends, or relaxing next to the one you love. Indeed! Your weekend or vacation is a good opportunity for you to plan the ideal picnic. So if you are going with your lover, you will definitely want to know date night picnic food ideas.

Planning a perfect date night picnic is a way to save beautiful memories with your lover. The simplest way is to just find a romantic place and prepare a delicious meal. That’s all, but they’ll get you a great night out. Now, let’s reviewlifez explore some great food ideas for couples!

8 Date night picnic food ideas

1. Chocolate

For a long time, chocolate has been one of the most popular things to give to the one they love on Valentine’s Day. And this is a perfect dish for you to share with your partner. Moreover, if you are a sweet person, there are date night picnic food ideas that you might like.


You only need to purchase a box of varied chocolates from the neighborhood supermarket. You and your date will spend the entire time tasting chocolates and making educated guesses about what’s inside of them. It’s not just a cute date idea; it’s also a fun and flirtatious one.

Additionally, you can use chocolate to make your own cakes or chocolate-covered strawberries. A new flavor can also be achieved by combining with some dried fruits. You may easily replace fruit if you don’t like it with other components, like nuts. Your lover will be extremely pleased if he or she learns that you create them yourself.

2. Cheese and crackers

Given how wonderful they are, many people love to eat cheese and crackers together. There are many different cheeses to pick from, so be sure to select a variety that includes both your and your partner’s preferences.

But take the weather into account. Avoid soft cheeses if it’s going to be hot since they can melt and get messy. A larger cracker might be required to prevent the exquisite flavors from fading as a result of the harder cheeses’ tendency to break a little when you cut them.

Cheese and crackers

The cheeses blue cheese, gouda, sharp cheddar, and manchego are some excellent options. By combining the ideal wine with your cheese, you may make your picnic more romantic.

It’s likely that the cheese used will originate in Wisconsin, whether it’s in unrivaled quality cheese and crackers, outstanding cheese sauce, or the tastiest macaroni and cheese recipe you’ve ever eaten. Please think about choosing them.

3. Mini Tart Cherry Galettes

Galettes are great if you like cupcakes but don’t want to deal with making homemade pie crust and fluffy pastry. They are simple to prepare and even simpler to consume. And it fits perfectly as one of the date night picnic food ideas. This is a light and convenient snack with a hint of sweetness from fresh cherries.

Mini Tart Cherry Galettes

A thin layer of fruit is placed on top of a buttery, crispy crust to create the rustic, free-form fruit cake or scone known as a galette. Try any fruit you like if you don’t have cherries. Puff pastry cherry galette goes well with ice cream. You might also sprinkling it with melted chocolate or glaze.

Galettes are often circular, but I’ve discovered that creating small galettes square is much quicker and simpler. You can cut out each of your pastries into a hexagon and fold the sides over the fruit if you prefer a more conventional-looking galette.

4. Popcorn

Date night picnic food ideas seem to be taken from romantic movies. And enjoying a romantic space with charming scenery is like a movie about a beautiful love. What do you usually eat when you go to the movies? That’s right, it’s Popcorn – a great snack to enjoy together.


If you really want to invest a little in a projector and background to watch movies or simply a laptop, you can absolutely enjoy a love movie next to your partner. Of course, a movie night would be incomplete without popcorn. For more flavor, use some additional seasoning for plain popcorn, such as shredded Parmesan or taco seasoning.

5. Sushi

The sushi pieces with eye-catching decoration will make your meal full and beautiful. This is also one of the date night picnic food ideas for you.

Sushi may not be viewed as a picnic cuisine by many people. After all, it must be thoroughly chilled, especially if your sushi contains raw seafood. However, you can simply travel your sushi and keep it cold until you’re ready to eat it if you have an ice machine or an insulated picnic bag. To serve sushi at room temperature, look for recipes that do not call for raw fish.


As an alternative, consider the Korean rice roll known as Kimbap. Seaweed rice rolls are a quick and easy rice dish that is great for picnics and light dinners. Vegetables, eggs, sausages, kimchi, and rice are the main ingredients of kimbap, which is then folded in a layer of seaweed. The good news is that you can eat this rice meal deliciously even when it is cold. It is a dish that is both easy to prepare and nutritious.

6. Sandwiches

When people pack for a picnic, sandwiches are one of the essentials. The simple truth is that they are simpler to prepare and consume while also filling the stomach. The cakes’ interiors can be changed. Additionally, they go well with a ton of snacks that are simple to package, like cookies and chips.


There are so many varieties of Sandwiches that you might want a recipe to follow. And of course, what you would expect is available online or in some recipe book. However, you can visit a fast food restaurant to buy some fresh and nutritious sandwiches as you like.

7. Risotto Balls

Bring risotto balls if you really want your picnic to stand out. In Italy, people love to eat dishes like this. They have a tasty mozzarella cheese and pea filling, and they can be fried or baked. They go well with a variety of foods, including Italian bell peppers, cauliflower pizza, and Italian greens.

Risotto Balls

Since leftover risotto is used to form the risotto ball, also known as an arancini, it is rather simple to prepare. Only a few items, including parmesan, eggs, and breadcrumbs, will be required. After shaping them, all you have to do is deep fry them, and you’re done! A great seasonal appetizer served with a drink, one of these date night picnic food ideas!

8. Wine

In terms of wine, rosé is quite well-liked. It is incredibly cooling, especially when properly cold. Of course, you want to make sure that your wine and meal are a perfect match. White wines are a fantastic option as well because they are not too powerful. You may also bring a bottle of red wine to pair with the picnic’s food. Wine is one of the date night picnic food ideas that you need to bring.


Anyone who appreciates nice drinks will find a virtual wine tasting to be an enjoyable picnic date activity. Whether you and your companion are amateurs or aficionados, tasting is a fantastic method to diversify your cooking techniques. Spice up your next picnic by learning the notes and wine pairing possibilities.

Final Words

Once you know date night picnic food ideas, you should find delicious recipes and creative decorations to follow. However, it is great if you are a good cook and have your own special recipe for your lover. An important note for you is what your partner is allergic to, so find out and check he/she has any allergies to any food or ingredients to stay away from.

Not only that, you have to plan this romantic picnic as well. To do that, you should choose a place that is quiet, few people and has a charming landscape suitable for what you want to do in that picnic. Especially, if you want to propose to that person, you have to invest more. It will take a bit of thought!

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